DMIT CN2 GIA 优惠:终身九折 + 1.3 倍流量,或终身 1.5 倍流量


DMIT CN2 GIA 前不久正式上线,目前推出了多种促销,针对 CN2 GIA 系列方案,目前如果年付可以享受九折 + 1.3 倍流量的优惠,或者如果年付且使用 PayPal,可以享受 1.5 倍流量。具体享受什么优惠,大家自行选择即可。DMIT CN2 GIA 目前来看质量不错,老唐自己买过一台,之前有过测评,参考《DMIT 洛杉矶 CN2 GIA 测评:速度、延迟、性能、性价比》。反正用来建站也是非常不错的,推荐购买。

一、DMIT CN2 GIA 促销详情


Since now to forever, when you purchase for a VM with Annually, we will offer a 10off discount and a 1.3x traffic booster.

The Promotion code for annual payment: DMIT-Annually-10off-I-Have-Read-ToS

When you purchase a VM with Semi-annually, we will offer you a 1.3x traffic booster.


A. We can add 1.3x traffic to your VM when you renew the VM.

B. Please send a ticket to us for the extra traffic.

C. You can downgrade to ANY payment period. The bouns will be kept.

D. The bandwidth of unmetered product can be increased too.

Thanks for your interested in DMIT services.

重点:使用优惠码 DMIT-Annually-10off-I-Have-Read-ToS 并且年付 可以九折 + 1.3 倍流量;半年付可以享受 1.3 倍流量(不打折)。获取额外流量需要发工单申请。



We are now offering the 2nd PayPal special offer.

If you order PVM.LAX.Pro with Semi-Annually or Annually payment via PayPal, you will have 1.5x traffic bounds. (Bandwidth excluded).

Please note, this promotion is an exclusive promotion, it cannot be used with any other discount.

重点:使用 PayPal 付款,并且年付,可以享受 1.5 倍流量。两个优惠不可同享。


二、DMIT CN2 GIA 方案整理

Shared2 核1GB10GB1TB200Mbps1 IPv4$88.88/年购买
Builder2 核2GB20GB2TB50Mbps1 IPv4$12.9/月购买
Starter2 核1GB10GB2TB200Mbps1 IPv4$14.9/月购买
Mini2 核2GB20GB4TB300Mbps1 IPv4$29.9/月购买
Micro4 核8GB50GB6TB300Mbps1 IPv4$59.9/月购买
Medium8 核8GB80GB12TB300Mbps2 IPv4$109.9/月购买
Large8 核16GB100GB22TB300Mbps2 IPv4$209.9/月购买
uBuilder2 核1GB10GB无限10Mbps1 IPv4$18.98/季购买
uStarter2 核1GB10GB无限15Mbps1 IPv4$14.9/月购买
uMini2 核2GB20GB无限30Mbps1 IPv4$32.9/月购买
uMicro4 核8GB50GB无限50Mbps1 IPv4$62.9/月购买
uMedium8 核8GB80GB无限100Mbps1 IPv4$209.9/月购买
uLarge8 核16GB100GB无限200Mbps1 IPv4$499.9/月购买
除了上面这些配置,所有的 DMIT CN2 GIA 还有如下特性:
- 1 IPv6 /64
- 所有硬盘均为 SSD
- 可选 DDoS 防御
- 可升级 1Gbps 带宽
- 可自由调整几乎所有配置

三、其他便宜 VPS 整理

便宜 VPS 商家:


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